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Electrical Safety and Low Voltage Laboratory

ITE offers manufacturer or marketer a safe path, by testing, issuing reports and certificates to attest that their products are in accordance with electrical safety and user protection as well as with environment and property protection against risks deriving from the use of equipment under normal and abnormal operating conditions.


  • Electrical testing: insulation resistance, Dielectric strength, leakage currents, clearance and creepage distances, solid insulation, transversal and longitudinal strength, transient overvoltages, power and intensity.
  • Determination of solid insulating materials’ resistance and testing index to the formation of conductive paths (IRC and IPC).
  • Impact resistance (IK).
  • Degrees of protection provided by envelopes against the access of dangerous parts, solid foreign bodies and water (IP).
  • Mechanical testing: drop resistance, hit resistance, wiring tensile compressive or twisting resistance.
  • Aging and endurance testing.
  • Warming under a normal and abnormal operation (overloads, short circuits, vacuum, etc.).
  • Climatic testing: cold, heat, damp heat, freezing and thermal shock.

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