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Static Electricity Laboratory

Capacities and R&D

  • Development and testing of new materials:
    • Piezoelectric polymer
    • Elastomeric polymer
  • Design and development of new piezoelectric sensors for new applications.
  • Elastomers testing for using as actuators.
  • Characterization of materials electrical properties (resistivity, charge dissipation, rigidity, etc.).


  • Polymeric materials test beds.
    • • Piezoelectric and elastomers
  • Piezoelectric and elastomer materials test beds.
    • T and RH control
    • Corona charging (±30kV@0-5kHz)
    • Potential surface characterization
    • Metallization by deposition
    • Biaxial displacement system
    • Characterization of mechanical excitation (≥nm)


  • Manufacturers of polymeric materials
  • Automobile
  • Civil engineering
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Textile

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