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Energy Storage and New Materials

The research and the development of alternative energy sources is an evident fact, but it is also important to highlight the development of storage systems capable of managing the intermittent output of electricity generated from renewable resources. Therefore, with increasing its contribution to total electricity production, it becomes more necessary to have mass energy storage systems that allows a better alignment between production and demand. These storage systems can be both stationary and movable, often used in the automotive industry with the electric vehicle in the lead.


In the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) we develop new materials based on active carbonaceous materials and polymeric membranes to use them as functional components of different electrochemical storage devices, such as electrodes, polymeric membranes and separators.

Moreover, from the point of view of the electrochemical storage devices, research in materials are aligned in the development of components, both for movable and stationary systems. So that the final device in which we emply the developed materials are batteries (Lithium Polymer Batteries, Redox…), supercapacitors and PEM fuel cells (PEMFC, DMFC and electrolyzers).

R+D+i and Testing

  • Synthesis and characterization of carbonaceous materials
  • Synthesis and characterization of polymer membranes
  • Development of pouch supercapacitor and lithium battery prototypes
  • Development of components for hydrogen fuel cells and direct-methanol fuel cells, and characterization on a test bed
  • Testing of lithium cells and batteries

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