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The Industry Commission of the Cortes Valencianas visits to the Technology Institutes ITE and ITENE

  • The members of this commission visit these two centers of REDIT to know directly the Valencian model for a Technology Institute and the activities they develop to support SMEs

Various members of the Industry Commission of the Cortes Valencianas (Valencian Parliament) have visited the facilities of the Instituto Tecnológico de Energía (ITE) and of the Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística (ITENE). The aim was to know directly the characteristics of the Valencian model for Technology Institutes and the activities and projects developed in the centers. Together with the Industry Commission there was, in addition to the executive directors of both centers, the Director of REDIT, Cristina Del Campo.

In ITE, the president of the center, Miguel Ángel Ripollés, underlined that “in the Valencian Community, the improvement of the current situation is coming from a more innovative and internationalized industrial fabric”. “In the institute—he continued—we are aware of the fact that energy is in the DNA of all the industrial and business activities, for this reason we collaborate with companied in order to make them more competitive, supporting their activity with innovation solutions for processes and products, promoting their modernization and diversification, looking for the best positioning at international level”. “Our future depends also on a correct energy management. Using it in a more efficient way, using renewable energy resources and innovating towards an environmental sustainability must be our priority”, he concluded.

Some projects the visitants observed are related to Smart City. In this area, ITE is working on developments concerning the integration of sustainable mobility and the optimization of the use of energy in Smart Grids, which are a basic piece for its development. Projects of this area have the aim of optimizing the use of energy, saving costs for users and avoiding peak demands.

ITE support also industry and the business sector through different projects that improve the competitiveness, reducing energy costs and integrating energy as another factor that has to be taken into account in the production activity, in addition to supporting them in the fourth industrial revolution, industry 4.0.

Later, the Industry Commission visited ITENE. The president of the center, Pedro Ballester, pointed out that “containers, packaging, transport and logistics are key areas for the competitiveness of the Valencian industry. From the technology center, we work to improve this strategic aspect for all the companies of the region”. He also underlined the importance of containers and packaging as a sector, which corresponds to a 10% of the industrial activity of the Valencian Community.

For his part, the CEO, Javier Zabaleta, said that ITENE is the center that “support companies dealing with challenges arising in the products packaging, distribution and marketing chain with an integral vision, applicable to any sector”. The R+D+i activities of ITENE meet the challenges of the society and the need of innovation of companies. “Our experience and strong position in Europe allow us to apply a high knowledge in our projects with Valencian companies”, he concluded.

Among other projects, participants knew various examples of developed active packaging that extend, in a natural way, the life of products, such as red meat, cut and peeled fresh fruit, or natural cosmetic products. They were also shown intelligent packaging, which change their color depending on the deterioration state of the product they contain, and other technologies patented by the center, such as the additive that improves barrier properties, mechanical and thermal resistance of bioplastic materials, among others.

These visits are framed within the REDIT’s mission of contributing to the development of knowledge and its application in the society by promoting R+D+i generated in the Technology Institutes of the Valencian Community. For this reason, the Director of REDIT said that “for us it is fundamental to work closely to all the political parties with a representation in the Cortes Valencianas and especially and to those people having certain responsibility in industry and innovation”.

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