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ITE meet the representatives of the Logistics Park of the Generalitat Valenciana

The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) met this morning the representatives of the Logistics Park of the Generalitat Valenciana to present the collaboration agreement that ITE and the Federación de Polígonos Industriales de la Comunidad Valenciana (FEPEVAL) signed last December, through which advice and management in purchasing power is being offered to companies that are part of the Federation.

Companies continue to trust the agreement signed between the two entities, up to now more than 50 companies of FEPEVAL have joined the agreement by which, through «transparent Stamp on the commercialization of electricity», ITE ensures companies to receive offers from electricity companies in an easier to interpret and compare format that will allow the optimization of energy costs and therefore the improvement of their competitiveness.

By the advice of ITE, the company acquires basic knowledge on the Spanish electricity market operation and on the billing process followed by the marketers. For this reason, it counts on the support of ITE that, impartially, helps it in making decision about the best electricity supplier.

Moreover, joined companies will benefit from significant discounts on contracting ITE services related to energy efficiency lines, in addition, these companies can access, preferentially and for free, technical seminars that take place in the different industrial parks.

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