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ITE participated in CIGRE 2016

  • The Institute boasted a great participation in the technical meetings of Cigre on 22 and 23 November

On 22 and 23 November ITE participated in the meetings of the biannual sessions Cigre 2016, joining three roundtables as speaker and one as moderator.

Alfredo Quijano, Vice-president of ITE, moderated the table of Block 3 “Simulation platforms and models” of the room Integration of New Technologies of the Future Grid, where participants dealt with many themes such as self-consumption, optimization of dynamic models, exposure between voltage dips, among others.

Later, Dr. Pedro Llovera presented the last researches on how the temperature is a key factor when using high voltage underground cables. ITE is developing the project IDVUC, led and promoted by REE, which includes the simulation in laboratory of different operating conditions of a cable under nominal voltage and monitored so as not to exceed the temperature of 90ºC in the conductor. In order to do that, it has been developed a singular infrastructure in the High Voltage laboratory of ITE that enable to apply high voltage and any current cycle to a cable with its parts (terminals and splicings).

In addition, Dr. Llovera showed the results of the monitoring of partial discharges in medium voltage underground cables carried out within the Project MATUSALEN funded by the MINECO, through the call Retos colaboración. The medium voltage electricity distribution network is passing through a revolution due to the emergence of Smart measuring instruments, new communication networks and elements that integrate Smart systems in the network management. It is important to know the conditions of elements that are fundamental such us medium voltage underground cables. In the project MATUSALEN, led by Iberdrola and carried out jointly by ITE, the University of Salamanca, ZIV, Arteche and Ingeteam, monitoring systems using partial discharges measurement are being developed. These systems will enable a cost reduction using existing elements and the interoperability with communication networks using Power Line Communications that use their own cable as transmission system.

Finally, Dr. Ignacio Benítez presented the studies on the characterization and classification of customers based on temporal load patterns, in which different prediction techniques and algorithms have been used to develop a tool that group together/classify customers depending on similar energy consumption profiles.

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