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ITE presents an App for mobile phones in collaboration with the IVAM

  • The project has been created for the Gallery 6 of the museum

ITE Operations director, Anabel Soria, and IVAM Communication and Social Networks sub-director, Ana Moure, have presented to media the App for mobile devices, Project EESIM, which has been developed specifically for the exhibition of Dora García Artificial Respiration. Performance. Dark Echo.

The Communication sub-director, Ana Moure, stated that “it is an opportunity to incorporate new technologies to the IVAM, which is making important effords in this direction”. As an example of this, she talked about the incorporation of touch screens in the opening of ‘Lost in the City’, “which complement the exhibition route and provide visitors with further information”.

It is a pilot Project created by ITE and funded by the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial, IVACE, with ERDF funds, which permits visitors to use their own mobile to complement their cultural experience in Gallery 6 of the IVAM.

The Project has been developed for this Gallery because «it hosts specific projects and, at the same time, projects that are linked with the city of Valencia and with the universities», pointed out the Activities director of the museum, Álvaro de los Ángeles. The exhibition of Dora García Artificial Respiration. Performance. Dark Echo. that is currently occupying the room was ideal for the development of this new App due to its conceptual character. “The exhibitions of this Gallery need a higher level of information», concluded Álvaro de los Ángeles.

The Technical manager of the application for mobile devices, Project EESIM, Ángel Ros, explained how the free App Works. “First of all, you need to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the room; then, download the application and create a user profile”, said Ángel Ros.

Once visitors have downloaded the App, they just have to get closed to specific red points of the exhibition room to receive extra text, audio and video information. This technology has been developed initially for just one exhibition room of the IVAM, but it could be extended to the rest of rooms and it could be even used as a model for other museums and institutions.

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