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ITE participates in the workshop on Energy-Saving Solutions for Companies organized by Seinon

• ITE made a presentation about the ‘transparent Stamp of energy contracting’

Mustang Art Gallery of Elche hosted on March 15 a Workshop on Energy-Saving Solutions for companies organized by Seinon. Three experts, ITE, Seinon and Konery, participated in the workshop and the delegate of A3e for Levante, Ginés Ángel García, started it.

The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía presented the ‘transparent Stamp of energy contracting’. During the presentation it has been explained how energy purchase works, the agreement signed with the Federación de Polígonos Empresariales de la Comunidad Valenciana (FEPEVAL) and other topical issues such as the new Royal Decree on Energy Efficiency.

The workshop expected to point objectively which are the most important tips to achieve real savings and, to do this, it counted on the experience transmitted by large and medium companies from all Spain.

With a very practical approach, the workshop aimed at providing participants with the implementation of saving measures and tools that grant a better management of the energy consumption.

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