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ITE participates in the H2020 Practical Workshop «Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy»

On the 7th of July ITE will participate in the InfodayH2020 Practical Workshop on Societal Challenge 3 “Secure, clean and efficient energy”, which will take place in the Ciudad Administrativa 9 de Octubre (meeting room 2 – building A).

The workshop will be especially practical and new opportunities for 2016-2017 will be pointed out, 4 practical cases will be presented and an assessor of the European Commission for H200 Energy Projects will explain his perspective.

At the end of the event, companies can have a private meeting with Pilar González, a national contact point in the CDTI of the Societal Challenge 3. The objective of these meetings is the revision of the project proposals that are being prepared, and to arrange one it is necessary to send an e-mail, before 10:00 h. of the 4th of July.

The event is free entry but, since the capacity is limited, it is indispensable to sign up here. More info in the following link:

H2020 Practical Workshop on Societal Challenge 3 “Secure, clean and efficient energy”

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