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ITE and InnDEA València sign a collaboration agreement based on energy solutions and sustainable mobility

  • The agreement aims at strengthen the relation between the institute and InnDEA to undertake projects and collaborations based on energy solutions and sustainable mobility

  • The director of InnDEA Valencia, Rafa Monterde, underlines the importance of this collaboration agreement «that makes us walk hand in hand and work together for energy efficiency and a more sustainable city»

Collaboration between the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) and InnDEA Valencia is focused, as confirmed by the agreement signed this morning in InnDEA offices, on the research of synergies to undertake a series of lines of action directed to the development of new sustainable electric mobility models, to the energy improvement in municipal buildings or to the creation of consumption and analysis maps of energy use in urban infrastructures, among others.

In addition, the agreement considers acting towards other directions, such as the evaluation of energy marketers, the measurement and improvement of urban carbon footprint, as well as the training of municipal technicians in energy efficiency or the participation in projects of any field -regional, national or international- that could be interesting.

Monterde said: «collaboration with ITE lets us exchange information and be more alert for the identification of technologic projects based on energy solutions and sustainable mobility in our city».

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