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ITE and ASELEC work together to benefit the electricity sector

Last Tuesday, 25 of April, the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) opened the doors of its facilities to the companies of the Asociación de Empresarios Instaladores Eléctricos, Telecomunicaciones y Energías renovables de Valencia (ASELEC), giving the first step towards a collaboration formalized by the agreement signed by the two entities the last February.

After welcoming the attendances, ITE set out the lines of this collaboration, making know the ways companies can benefit from this agreement. Through it, ITE wants to give support to local companies, making available its infrastructure and knowledge in the energy field, with the aim of joint efforts to improve the technological development in the electricity sector.

Next, the Institute was presented to the attendances, it was underlined the importance of calibrating the equipment used to take electricity measurements and they were explained some key points that companies need to know to read calibration reports and to manage calibrations efficiently (request a calibration, requirements for laboratories…).

The day ended with a site visit to the facilities of ITE, in particular, the companies of ASELEC has the possibility to see personally the most interesting laboratories such as the one of interoperability, high voltage, electromagnetic compatibility or security, on which they are focused the services for its partners.

It is reflected in this day the relationship of an active cooperation between ITE and ASELEC, two entities which play an important role in a social and business environment which is changing continuously, where it is more and more necessary the joint action of experts in order to achieve common and complementary targets in the energy field.

The event was an opportunity to put companies closer to the activities of ITE, providing the means of the center. The Institute keeps approaching the Valencian business sector and it confirms the transparency and efficiency of its labour.

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