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ISTOBAL developes an innovative wheelwash brush that reaches all grooves on rims

ISTOBAL has developed a new wheelwash brush that reaches all grooves on rims and ensures optimum cleaning results.

The Valencian company has filed a patent application for this innovation. The firm has already patented 31 designs and developments.

The new wheelwasher has an outer crown and a central brush for the cleaning of the flat areas of the wheel. But it also includes eight satellite brushes in two concentric circles that reach all the little grooves on a rim, ensuring a perfect result in these areas.

Traditionally, wheelwashers consist of a circular base with polyethylene bristles.  Their uniform design and operation only allows the rim to be superficially cleaned, as they fail to reach into the grooves of new-design rims.

Unlike standard wheelwashers, ISTOBAL’s new development incorporates an innovative device for a better finish. A central axle rotates the central brush and the outer crown, and a disk makes it possible for the 8 smaller brushes to freely spin.

While this device is running, if there is no contact, the brush behaves as in a traditional wheelwasher. But when the inner brushes detect some friction, a mechanical system triggers the independent spinning of the 8 brushes and reduces the pressure so that all 8 brushes can reach into the rim grooves.

The new wheelwash brush by ISTOBAL can be easily fitted on any carwash machine, as no additional devices are required.

ISTOBAL will present the new wheelwash brush at Automechanika in Frankfurt from 13 to 17 September.