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The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía hosts the meeting “Instruments to strengthen the value of companies”

The facilities of the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) hosted last Tuesday 28 March the meeting on “Instruments to strengthen the value of companies” organized into two parts: Connected energy and Internationalization. The event was organized by ITE, in collaboration with IVACE, and it involved experts in strategies and support for business growth.

Alfredo Quijano, vice-president of ITE, welcomed all attendees together with Javier Mínguez, head of the Companies and Associations Area of IVACE. Quijano underlined the weight of the energy cost in the costs of Industry, providing real data for important sectors such as metal where energy is 17% of operating costs.

The first line of the program on “Connected energy: new form of productive organization” was carried out precisely by the presentation of IVACE. Javier Mínguez was in charge of exposing the plan of aid to companies in the field of R+D+i, highlighting as a novelty the incorporation of the i-TeiC program framed in the aid innova-CV to support projects of digital enabling companies i4.0. Javier then informed the attendees about the strategy of the local Ministry in industry 4.0, the so-called Agenda industria 4.0-CV. It should be noted here that IVACE will make available to companies aids adapted to their degree of technological maturity in Industry 4.0.

Next, space was devoted to the vision of ITE regarding the role of energy within Industry 4.0. Vicente Gavara stressed that, representing one of the most relevant costs in production processes, energy becomes a key factor for competitiveness in companies when adopting strategies to optimize energy consumption. Moreover, it put in value the use of this as a channel for the detection of anomalies and a tool for predictive maintenance.

This block concluded with the successful case of Auditesa, a company specialized in Energy Efficiency and Saving. The director Jose Adsuara informed the participants of the very positive results of the PIEE project, “Monitoring platform for the improvement of energy efficiency and detection of anomalous situations in energy-consuming installations”, which has the aim of optimizing production costs to dynamize purchase in the wholesale electricity market.

After a break, IVACE took the floor again to open the second line of the program called “Internationalization as a tool for business growth“, where Mª France González presented the Internationalization Plan, which classifies expansion towards international markets as an opportunity of growth, and she offered help to local companies.

The day followed with the participation of REDIT, la Red de Institutos Tecnológicos de la Comunidad Valenciana, where Elena Cortés presented the tools and opportunities of collaboration that the SEIMED platform provides for the search of international technological opportunities, framed within the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the largest supporting network for technological and commercial internationalization at global level, promoted and financed by the European Commission.

In addition, from ITE, Jose Luis Martínez commented on the aspects of certification of the most relevant products at legislative level, the Institute has a wide experience and a great recognition thanks to the realization of works for products destined for national and international markets.

The presentation of another example of success closed this second part: this is the case of the company Tecnibat Group which, through Gabriel Ferrús, presented the commercial strategies adopted that allowed it to grow and position itself as one of the Valencian SMEs with a remarkable trajectory at international level, expanding its business to West Asia and Latin America, and being present in projects as relevant as the Spanish consortium that develops the AVE from Medina to Mecca.

Finally, interested companies had the opportunity to hold an interview with a representative of IVACE to present project proposals and clarify their doubts.

Totally, about fifty representatives of different companies attended the event, showing interest in the issues discussed and, thus, confirming an inclination towards innovation. Within the framework of this meeting, ITE keeps active its availability of collaboration by proposing as a technological partner for companies that need R+D+i support for their projects.

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