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Smart grids

“Smart Grids” are one of the immediate challenges we have to face for an efficient and intelligent management of electrical energy. So that the control, the protection and the supervision of grids, in order to permit the different configurations that can be produced, are issues that had to be solved. Information and communication technologies (ICT) permit to improve the knowledge of the grid status and supervision.

The supervision en the diagnosis of power distribution grids (medium and low voltage), during their usual operation and reducing the number of interruptions, is other important issue to face. The integration of renewable energies, storage devices and new charges connected to the grid, such as the electric vehicle, is another factor that has to be taken into account considering the future scenarios of distributed energy integration.

R+D+I with companies

  • Study of domestic charge manageability, for active demand management systems
  • Development of data analysis systems and predictive models and classification of energy consumption temporal patterns
  • Characterization of domestic appliances charge
  • Validation of algorithms of demand management
  • Development of communication with meter and distribution operator based on PRIME specification on PLC
  • Integration of energy production renewable systems
  • Modelling of distributed generation systems
  • Platform for the development of new energy storage systems
  • Study and characterization of cells and hydrogen generators
  • Validation and integration tests in the developed devices micro-grids
  • Development of advanced control systems for the optimized management of energy balance
  • Integration of the electric vehicle new charges

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