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Electric Mobility and Transport

Electric mobility is one of the short/mid-term challenges. The electric vehicle is especially novel because it has to achieve its suitable integration in the networks, considering safety and compatibility aspects.

For this reason, the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía, ITE, works on quick charge devices, quick battery connection and disconnection system for the electric vehicle. But this research line can be followed also to develop user and equipment protection devices, envelopes, reliable measurement devices, anti-theft proximity sensors.

Moreover, it is included in this  research area the development of new materials to use in lithium battery.

R+D+I with companies

  • Management of optimal routes for the electric vehicle (EV) efficiency
  • Portable recharge system, with remote connection to control centers
  • Management of payment and netting on the bases of communication with smart meters
  • Validation of algorithms of demand management
  • Integral recharge management platform
  • Smartphone applications on transport intermobility and the use of recharge infrastructures
  • Development of communication with standards
  • Integration of different recharge systems
  • Compliance with current regulation and MOVELE plans in associated infrastructure
  • Modelling of transport network and use perfiles
  • Development of power electronical products
  • Development of optimal lithium-ion batteries fot transport
  • Development of independent packs for recharge at home and parsonalization of  motorbike baterry use
  • Validation and testing of electric vehicles on the market in order to check the factory features

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