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Researches on interoperability are carried out in order to optimize a smart and efficient management of the electric grid, and to permit a technology advance in the distributed generation and in the demand management.

The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía, ITE, boast an Interoperability Laboratory that allows the configuration of automatic, repeatable and controlled stable scenes in order to reproduce a part of the low voltage distribution electrical grid, and to verify the interoperability between the devices of different manufacturers. Thanks to the laboratory it is possible to analyze the availability of communication nodes and their performance on different scenes, so as to prevent future problems during the massive deployment of Smart devices.


  • Interoperability based on PLC communications (PRIME, DLMS/COSEM)
    • Testing tool developed by ITE
    • Debugging program for Smart meter design developed by ITE
    • Introduction of new objects. Open tool
    • Authorized testing (orders and required deliveries)
    • Data processing
    • Development of testing with PPRIME base node (PLC Communications )
  • Supervision and maintenance of secondary substations
  • Certification of electricity meters
    • Notified Body, Directive 2004/22/CE (MID): 1964
    • Metrological Control Body, 09-OC-0002 (Reactive Energy, RTC, Remote Management)


 ENAC OC/P 214 Accreditation

R+D+I with companies

  • Validation of algorithms of demand management
  • Development of communication with meter and distribution operator based on PRIME specification on PLC
  • Integration of energy production renewable systems
  • Modelling of distributed generation systems
  • Development of power electronics products
  • Platform for the development of new energy storage systems
  • Validation and integration tests in the developed devices micro-grids

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