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Energy Intelligence and Social Perception

The analysis, study and improvement of the energy state performance and of the associated variables, that affect installations and environment, is a key point to the control of the technical and economic efficiency of companies. The energy intelligence line is focused on the design and development of technological solutions that could improve the energy efficiency in the environment and the users’ perception, in order to favor a sensible and proactive use of energy.

This way, economic profits are obtained, together with the improvement of the environmental sustainability and of the comfort level for users. In line with the current concepts of «Environmental Intelligence» and “Smart Everything” used in important sectors such as building and smart cities, industry, mobility and services.


  • Energy and environmental intelligence systems
  • Energy and environmental characterization
  • Energy and environmental improvement measures
  • Design and development of energy optimization systems and new technologies
  • Advising and support to the management and implementation of systems
  • Validation and verification of energy improvement
  • Analysis of economic, energy and environmental savings
  • Analysis of return of investment
  • Energy use awareness and training. Proactive energy user

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