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Energy Storage and New Materials

This research line develops new materials for energy storage, as carbonaceous and polymeric ones. On one hand, we obtain the components of system storage devices such as electrodes, polymeric membranes and separators. On the other hand, in the devices we employ those components on Batteries (Lithium Polymer Batteries, Redox…), Supercapacitors and PEM fuel Cells (PEMFC, DMFC and electrolyzers).

Moreover, we create insulating materials for electrical apparatus (insulators, covering materials…), for individual protective equipments (clothing, footwear, polymeric protective parts, metallic…) and also for conductive elements that form part of protective devices (electrical contacts, fuses, shielding…).

Planta Piloto de Energías Renovables

The Pilot Plant of Renewable Energy, funded jointly by IMPIVA, is formed by a wind turbine, a thermal and a photovoltaic solar plant, and a fuel battery connected to a hydrogen generator that makes the energy storage possible.

The purpose of the pilot plant is to put at companies’ disposal a tachnological platform for the devices and equipments testing and the R+D+I projects development, to increase the industrial fabric diversification of the energy sector.

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