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FUTURED and digitalization in the electric grid

The Spanish technology platform of electric grids FUTURED, whose steering group counts on the participation of ITE, held its IX General Assembly on June 20 in the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) in Madrid.

Blanca Losada, President of FUTURED, María Simó, Subdirector General of Institutional Environment and Innovation Programme for SME of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) and Mª Luisa Castaño, Director General of Innovation and Competitiveness of MINECO opened the meeting. After the annual activities review of the Platform, with special attention to the work done by the Cross-platform Storage Workgroup (GIA), Isaac Martin, General Director of ICEX presented its view on the challenges of internationalization. Finally, a large group of speakers from renowned companies of the sector discussed the digitalization of the electric grid as an opportunity for the Spanish industry.

The Spanish electricity industry is at the international forefront in the technological developments framed within Smart electric grids or Smart Grids thanks to the dynamism of the business sector, to professionals that make basic developments advance from the specific training they receive in technology centers and universities, and to the administration that supports R+D+I in the energy sector.

The meeting provided an opportunity to see directly the new services and business opportunities opened up by the digitization of the electric grid, the possibility of using it as a key element for the development of Smart cities able to manage their energy resources in a more efficient way, and challenges such as cybersecurity.

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