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The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism selects 14 projects in the ‘II Call for Smart Cities’

After the success of the ‘II Call for Smart Cities’ of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, where 14 projects have been selected as beneficiaries, it has been decided to scale the 48 million Euros initial investment up to the amount of 63, with the aim of involving more cities.

The majority of funds are contributed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through, with the cofunding of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the local entities’ contribution of 30%-40% of each initiative.

After the evaluation of the Works received, it has been accepted a resolution that will select 17 administrations and 14 projects, which must meet the requirement set in the call to benefit from the allocated funding, before the adoption of that resolution.

The initiatives that have been selected are:

  • ‘Alicante se mueve: Being Smart’ of the City of Alicante, with the amount of 2,942,110.59 Euros.
  • ‘Gijon-In: Ciudad Inteligente, Innovadora e Integradora’, of the City of Gijón, with 7,386,118 Euros.
  • ‘Plataforma de Gobierno Abierta, Colaborativa e Interoperable’, joint project of the Cities of A Coruña, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela and Zaragoza, with 2,090,461.80 Euros.
  • ‘Santander Smart Citizen’ of the City of Santander, with 6,675,000.61 Euros.
  • ‘LPA Inteligencia Azul’ of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with 7,974,360.82 Euros.
  • ‘Lugo Smart’, of the City of Lugo, with 4,112,801 Euros.
  • ‘Impulso VLCi’, of the City of Valencia, with 5,998,733.46 Euros.
  • ‘Digipal’, of the City of Palencia, with 1,850,127.51 Euros.
  • ‘Cáceres Patrimonio Inteligente’, of the City of Cáceres, with 3,782,805.29 Euros.
  • ‘S2CITY-Sistema Inteligente de Servicios al Ciudadano y al Turista’, of the City of Valladolid, with 3,614,395.90 Euros.
  • ‘MiMurcia: Tu Ayuntamiento Inteligente, Cercano, Abierto e Innovador’, of the City of Murcia, with 7,999,018.82 Euros.
  • Ponferrada 3.0: Administración Inteligente para Ciudades Inteligentes», with 1,570,045.55 Euros.
  • ‘Smart Digital Segovia’, with 2,210,670 Euros.
  • ‘Municipios Cordobeses Inteligentes y Sostenibles’, of the City of Córdoba, with 4,847,608.63 Euros.

It is important to say that the call received a total of 111 projects from all over Spain, whose investments amount to 265 million Euros. It was addressed to local entities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, as well as to autonomous communities. Projects must have a maximum budget of 8 million Euros, which will be funded by up to an 80%.

Mainly, the selected projects present initiatives that help the promotion of industry. They can also mean quantifiable savings in energy consumption or efficiency improvements in public services. In addition, they can provide new accessibility solutions and be innovative projects, which become part of the responsibilities of local entities.

For the evaluation it has been taken into account if they are likely to be exported, to promote interoperability between administrations, to have potential for reuse or replication for other entities or to create technological spaces with interoperable ICT environments, among others.

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