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Climate-KIC Spain gives 90,000 Euros to the six start-ups passing the final of the accelerator of companies to fight against climate change

  • Climate-KIC Spain allocates 90,000 Euros to the six start-ups passing the final of the accelerator of companies to fight against climate change

The Spanish Center for Innovation in Climate Change, Climate-KIC Spain, gives 90,000 Euros to the six start-ups that achieved passing to the third and last phase of the accelerator of companies fighting against climate change. This morning during the event Focus Pyme y Emprendimiento 2016 in Alicante, the Director general of Climate-KIC Spain, José Luis Muñoz, awarded 15,000 Euros that the six Young Spanish companies must invest before the end of the year to keep on developing their projects. The winning companies are: Fairchanges, Ciclogreen, Balamis, Auara, Tech4+ and Microbiotech.

Fairchanges, located in Burgos, is based on Green marketplace supporting human rights; Ciclogreen, from Seville, in an online platform promoting sustainable mobility for companies and public entities to prevent CO2 emissions; Balamis, from Barcelona, optimizes the use of water through a humidity sensor; Tech4+, from Valladolid, bases its business on helping climate change mitigation by applying its patented thermal hydrolysis technology; Auara, from Madrid, is a social enterprise that sell water in recycled material bottles and that gives the benefits to cooperative projects; and Microbiotech, from Valencia, is a technology company that uses microwaves to optimize industrial warming processes.

The Climate-KIC Spain programme for the acceleration of companies has a maximum duration of 9 months and boasts an annual budget of 300,000 Euros. It includes three phases with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs in the creation, validation and preparation of a business model to present it to researchers, and in the launch of products and services based on clean technologies. «Our accelerator has the mission of promoting innovative business ideas with the aim of reducing the impact of climate change and promoting more sustainable economic models», José Luis Muñoz ensured. In addition, participants can access the activities of Climate-KIC at European level.

Climate-KIC Spain sponsored two of the sessions integrated in the Focus Pyme y Emprendimiento. That is, the conference called Europe, spear head for SMEs and entrepreneurs, the economy of the future, where they have been explained the main trends and the needed tools of sustainable economy promoted by the European Commission to finance ecoinnovation; and Stimulating and creating climate entrepreneurship to develop the new zero carbon economy.

The awarding of these funding was attended by political representatives, such as the Director general of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives, Francisco Álvarez; The Director General of Industry and Energy and of IVACE, Julia Company; the Director General of Financing and European Funds, Miriam Fernández; and the Councilor for Entrepreneurship and Local Development of Alicante, Sonia Tirado.


Climate-KIC was born in 2010 and has almost 200 partners, such as universities, research centers, companies and public entities. It is not located only in Spain, but also in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Hungary and Finland, and it supports and undertakes activities in Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria. This European initiative has become an example for expert training, the acceleration of ideas and the promotion of innovative projects for the global warming adaptation and mitigation. In five years it has trained more than 2,000 international experts, it has made possible the creation of almost 200 start-ups receiving an investment of 189 million Euros and it has developed more than 100 innovative projects.

Climate-KIC Spain, located in Valencia, promotes the new sustainable economy model based on competitiveness, economic growth and green employment creation, in collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and supported by partners of academic, scientific and business excellence, integrated in the innovative Spanish ecosystem.

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