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Climate-KIC makes a call for participants to Climathon, the international initiative embracing the most innovative ideas against climate change

  • Valencia, Castellón and Murcia join the international idea-marathon aimed at finding solutions to challenges such as energy or water consumption, sustainable urban planning or the heat island effect.

  • Almost 60 cities from all over the world, such as Sidney, Washington or Hong Kong, will join this 24-hours event on global warming, on the 28th of October.

The European initiative Climate-KIC, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), organised the international event Climathon to promote the exchange of innovative ideas providing climate change solutions. Almost 60 cities from all over the world will join this 24-hours event on global warming challenges.

For the first time Castellón, Valencia and Murcia join the event. The three cities present climate challenges in line with their features “promoting the interaction between citizens and local governments in order to face the climate change challenge in a coordinated way and with innovative ideas”. “We also aim at moving forward to more habitable societies, with a higher life quality, by reducing pollution, using renewable energies, a more sustainable mobility and integrating nature into urban spaces», the Director general of Climate-KIC Spain, José Luis Muñoz, reported.

How to participate in the Climathon

Valencia, Castellón and Murcia -supported by the Spanish Center for Innovation in Climate Change, Climate-KIC Spain- will host on the 28th of October the event Climathon 2016 in special spaces: Las Naves, in Valencia; los Molinos del Río in Murcia, and the Auditorio and the Palacio de Congresos, in Castelló.

The event is conceived mainly for Master’s degree students, young entrepreneurs and professionals, and it boasts the participation of many experts. To physically attend the event you have to sign in to the Climathlon web page where you will find all the challenges of the cities participating ( You can sign up individually or as a group proposing the solution that you will present and develop during the day of the event with the support of experts and mentors.

In addition, Climathon encourages citizens to participate virtually through social medias. One of them is Twitter, where you can post your tweet using the hashtag #Climathon.

Challenges of Spanish cities

Castellón aims at finding ideas to bring urban services and citizens closer and to create a more resilient society by providing innovative solutions based on nature. Valencia focuses its aims on the reduction of the energy consumption in the city and on the use of renewable sources. While, Murcia looks for solutions to problems such as water scarcity, the improvement of urban planning and the integration of the country within the Plan of the city for Climate Change adaptation and mitigation.

About Climate-KIC

Climate-KIC is the Europe’s largest public-private initiative on climate change promoting innovation to develop a zero-carbon economy and to strengthen European competitiveness, increase the economic growth and employment opportunities by creating new products and services that face the climate change.

Climate-KIC includes programmes for the creation and acceleration of companies aimed at developing innovative projects, training plans for students and professionals, through many centers in Europe such as Climate-KIC Spain, the Spanish Center for Innovation in Climate Change located in Valencia.

The aim of Climate-KIC Spain is to promote and strengthen the development of a low-carbon economy in order to make easier the climate change adaptation and mitigation. Its three main action lines are innovation, undertaking and training, including programmes to attract talents, higher education and the acceleration of innovative ideas against global warming.

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