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Climate change is the focus of the V innovation Day of BECSA

On the 15th of February, it took place the V Innovation Day of BECSA at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, which was attended by more than 100 professionals and experts of university, administration, research and company.

Ibán Molina, Director General of BECSA, and Jordi Peris, City councillor of Innovation, Knowledge management, Renewable energies and Climate change of Valencia opened the event.

Throughout the conference, many talks on the importance of innovation were made by the group BECSA, which presented different examples.
The event ended with a round table on “Challenges to face climate change”, in which José Luis Muñoz, Director General of Climate-KIC Spain, was present. During this last meeting it has been insisted on the need for constant innovation in a word full of great changes in technology , society and consumption which make us face a global competition we have to combat with cooperation and innovation advances.

José Luis Muñoz said that “the opportunity for Europe after the Paris Agreement, through which citizens became aware of the current conditions and administrations are committed to a series of aims, should also be an opportunity for European companies to lead the fight against climate change”. Then, he added that “to really take advantage of talent and innovation, administrations should simplify processes and legislation, and favour public-private cooperation in order to prevent brain drain”.

About Climate-KIC: Climate-KIC is the main initiative of the European Union on climate change. It is the largest public-private partnership in Europe focused on innovation to mitigate the climate change and adapt to it. Climate-KIC is formed by companies, academic institutions and public bodies. The organization has its head office in London and, through its centers all around Europe, it offers its support to start-up, gathers partners in innovation projects, as well as training students with the aim of achieving a creative and connected transformation of knowledge and ideas to obtain products and services that will contribute to mitigate the climate change and to adapt to it. Climate-KIC has currently its centers in France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt and Berlin), Netherlands (Utrecht), Switzerland (Zurich), Denmark (Copenhagen), UK (London and Birmingham), Hungary (Budapest), Italy (Bologna), Poland (Wroclaw) and Spain (Valencia). More about Climate-Kic Spain.