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Andrés García Reche: “Technological Institutes and REDIT will be the focus of the Valencian Innovation Agency”

• More than 60 business men joined the I Counselors Meeting of REDIT that took place in AINIA

• The initiative has the aim of creating a meeting point for the members of the Technology Institutes of the Valencian Region

“Technological Institutes and REDIT will be the focus of the Valencian Innovation Agency and of the improvement of the production model of the Valencian Region”, the vice-president executive of the Consell Valencià de la Innovació, Andrés García Reche, said in front of a group of more than 60 technological centers’ counselors of REDIT in the events room of AINIA.

The vice-president of the Consell Valencià de la Innovació said that “it is fundamental that our companies grow because it is the key to promote innovation” and he also assure that “only through R+D+i it is possible to improve production”.

García Reche wishes the Agency would rise in April or May of the next year. The needed budget won’t affect the current funds for innovation and the vice-president said that “30 million Euros would be a good starting budget, even if the most important thing is not money but the way you use it”.

The president of REDIT, Fernando Saludes, explained that the aim of the Counselors’ forum is “to guarantee REDIT since we are the Think Tank or the core generating knowledge about industry and innovation”. “Even if REDIT -he added- is recognized for developing reports and studies that are useful for the agents of the Valencian Innovation System, with the Counselors’ forum we’ve taken a further step and we have created a meeting point for the counselors of our 11 Technological Institutes, which are renowned business men of key sectors in the Valencian Region”.

The meeting will be “a talk and conference given by an important rapporteur as for industry and innovation and, later, it will be visited the Center hosting the event”.

The president of REDIT shared with the participants some of the aims of the entity. For example, “we are working to adapt IVACE funding to the reality of our centers; to recover the budget for the innovation of companies and Institutes and to resume the Bill about Technological Institutes to guarantee a stable financial framework, far from political changes”.

Saludes finished the talk saying “it is an historic moment for the Innovation System of the Valencian Region”. “The creation of the Valencian Innovation Agency -he added- is the proof that innovation is back among political priorities”.

Moreover, the director of REDIT explained to participants the main indicators of the entity and she guaranteed that data show that “we have the best network of Centers of Spain for the support of business innovation of SMEs”.

Later, the director of AINIA, Sebastián Subirats, explained also the indicators of the center and some of the projects they are currently working at. The event finished with the visit to AINIA facilities.

The 11 Technological Institutes worked, in 2015, for 12,800 companies and 5,300 partners, which made them developed 708 R+D+i projects. Totally, these Institutes received more tan 86 million Euros, the 61% corresponding to companies and a 39% to competitive public funds (25,3% regional, 10,7% European and 3% national). Last year almost 1,200 professionals worked in REDIT, which has an important technological infrastructure with more tan 100 laboratories and 20 technological market and trends observatories.

REDIT includes the 11 technological institutes of the Valencian Region. These centers cover the main productive sectors, technologies and multisectorial application knowledge and they are located near those sectors they cover about R+D+i. The centers are: Instituto Tecnológico Metalmecánico, de Madera, Mueble, Embalaje y Afines (AIDIMME); Instituto Tecnológico de Producto Infantil y Ocio (AIJU); Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico (AIMPLAS); AINIA, Technological Center; Instituto Tecnológico Textil (AITEX); Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV); Instituto Tecnológico de Calzado y Conexas (INESCOP); Instituto Tecnológico de Cerámica (ITC); Instituto Tecnológico de Energía (ITE); Instituto Tecnológico de Embalaje, Transporte y Logística (ITENE) and Instituto Tecnológico de la Informática (ITI).

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